Collection: Subohm Box Mods

Get yourself a new subohm box mod today! Blow some big clouds and lower your nicotine level by half in a heartbeat! When picking a subohm box mod be sure to select a subohm tank as well. When choosing your correct nicotine level here is the breakdown:

From smoking cigarettes:
Less than a pack a day = 3mg of nicotine
A pack of day = 3-6mg of nicotine
More than a pack a day = 6mg -9mg of nicotine
More than 2 packs a day = 9mg -12mg of nicotine

Upgrading to a more powerful mod:
18mg = 6mg of nicotine
12mg = 4mg of nicotine
6mg = 3mg of nicotine 
3mg = 0-1.5mg of nicotine