How to Enjoy a Cigar: Part 2

Cut and Light Up Matters A Lot

How you cut your cigar affects its flavor. Make sure that you cut correctly into the head of the stick so it does not dry out as you smoke. Ideally, a stainless steel, single blade cutter appropriately called the guillotine is used. However, a very sharp pocket knife or blade also does the trick.

Never use scissors, butter knives, or your teeth to cut the cap. You risk tearing the cigar, causing it to dry out very fast when you light up. Cut the cigar with one chop, so you do not damage its shape. Using one hand, hold the cigar and place its head into the guillotine’s hole. Cut about one-eighth of an inch off the cap in a downward motion. Do it quickly so you do not tear the cigar.

Many cigar smokers advise against using a lighter. While wooden matches are ideal to preserve the flavor, our cigar shophas found that there is nothing wrong with using butane lighters. It is suggested that you avoid using paper matches, candles, and gas lighters. These will ruin the flavor of the cigar if you remember from part 1.

Smoking Cigars the Right Way

There is a right way to smoke and enjoy a cigar, Remember, cigars are not cigarettes – you should not inhale the smoke. Draw in the smoke from the stick, hold it in your mouth for five seconds to taste it, then breathe it out and try exhaling through your nose every now and then. Savor the flavors from the smoke. Do not inhale it. You also need to rotate the cigar every minute so it maintains its shape.

 Where to Buy Cigars in Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina may not be known as a cigar hotbed, there are several shops that you will want to check out when you are in the area. One such place is Vapor Smoke Shop in Charlotte, NC. The store has an extensive selection of cigar brands and a lounge where you and your friends can enjoy a relaxing smoke.

If you enjoy a glass of wine with your cigar, you will love The Wine Vault on JM Keynes Drive. It is a favorite among locals, especially during the summer time. The Wine Vault has superb wine choices, and spacious outdoor seating.

If you are a Cuban cigar lover and do not mind a little bit of a drive, you will love A Piece of Havana on Tryon St. A step into the store instantly brings the smell, taste, and feel of Cuba. What better way to enjoy an authentic Cuban cigar than with authentic Cuban food, brandy, and music, at great prices?

Smoking a cigar can be an enjoyable experience, especially when you know what to look for. If you are new to purchasing cigars, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance while at the store. Be sure to try a few different varieties of cigars. If it is something you can see yourself purchasing on a regular basis, it would be wise to invest in a humidor and wooden matches. Most of all have fun and enjoy your cigar with good friends and fellow cigar enthusiasts!

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